The Science Behind Mindfulness

For thousands of years ancient traditions have utilized mind body coherence practices and techniques to facilitate wellbeing. With the latest understandings of modern science now validating the effectiveness of these ancient practices, it is our intent to make therapeutic treatments accessible to families with a coherent care plan to ensure the best possible healing environment.


Is a coachable technique where one focuses their full attention on the present moment, to eliminate stressing over events of the past or events of the future. When a patient remains mindful, all available energy is focused on the best possible outcome. Parents, caregivers and all care providers should be mindfully present and give mindful care with mindful intent.


Dr. Ron Siegel on YouTube

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Eckhart Tolle on Oprah via YouTube


Is the scientifically measurable alignment between what your mind believes and what your heart feels. The HeartMath Institute has led the way in discovery, research and development of equipment to gauge and the training to control the level of one’s coherence.


HeartMath Institute Website

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Fear vs. Love

With every situation we face, our hypothalamus has but two perceptions of our immediate environment, one of safety and security, or one of fear and danger. When we perceive our current situation is one of danger, our thoughts trigger our brains to go into the fight or flight mechanism of the sympathetic nervous system. During this stress filled state, cortisol and adrenaline surge through our blood stream.

Mind and Fear on Entelechy Journal

Biology of Belief

Like us, each one of our cells responds to its perception of its environment, the blood stream. Hormones in the blood stream prescribe protein production. Bruce Lipton has pioneered the discovery, research and teaching regarding the biology of our beliefs.

Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief (full documentary) on YouTube

Placebo Effect

No one argues the Placebo Effect. The scientific and medical communities acknowledge the effects of the Placebo but stop short of incorporating its positive effects on their patient or guarding against the negative effects of the nocebo. If a possible negative outcome or side effect is discussed in the patient’s environment, they can latch on to that as a belief and contribute to its manifestation. As with everything else in our universe, whatever extreme can be experienced, the polar opposite has to be possible.

Dr. Joe Dispenza “How Our Brain Reorganizes Itself During Certain Meditations” video on FaceBook

Dr. Joe Dispenza TedX Talk on How to Reprogram your Brain on FaceBook


Current genetic science teaches us that gene expression, once thought to be cast in stone, is 95% controlled by our perception of our environment. It has been clearly demonstrated that our perceptions create changes in our physiology and gene expression.

Dr. Joe Dispenza “You are the Placebo” on YouTube

Cellular Health

To redirect energy to our fight or flight response, the reproductive and heath producing functions of our cells shut down. In this state wellness cannot be obtained or restored.

There are several successful treatments and self-skills trainings that can greatly reduce the stress associated with the pediatric environment. Mindful Presents can provide needs assessments and design a care plan best for each patient. Within the following list of treatments and trainings, we will find the best possible combination for each family.